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Preloved Peachys

What does 'Preloved' mean exactly?
Preloved diapers are those that have been previously loved and adored (aka used). Some of the preloved listed here are also defectives ('seconds') which were repaired by our factory, and now looking for a new home. Any seconds will be clearly labeled as such.

How Do I Know What I'm Getting?
  • Each diapers are categorized based on the following metrics -
    • Like New: returns with tags attached and packaging intact, but for some other reason not sellable as 'brand new.' We still wash and sanitize these diapers before being listed here. 
    • EUC = Excellent Used Condition: barely used - no stains, fleece inners might show some pilling
    • VGUC = Very Good Used Condition: diapers with 'used' aesthetics  (pilling outers, elastic or velcro tabs, faded color) all still in excellent working condition - may be stains
    • GUC = Good Used Condition: diapers obviously well-used - still in good working condition - may be stains
    • WL = Well-Loved: diapers with questionable functionality - would be best for someone who is handy with a needle and thread who can repair any bum elastic or velcro
    • Second: A new diaper with a bit of wonkiness - a crooked seam, elastic a bit looser on one side, PUL with dirt spots, etc. 
  • All items, with the exception of seconds, are stripped and sanitized
  • Ever wonder about the specifics of a diaper you are eying? Feel free to email me for more information (For example... 'Hey Abby, what makes that AIO a second?' or 'How badly is that VGUC Cranky Clouds actually stained?') I try to err on the side of caution when rating conditions, so you'll often find my 'EUC' diapers are pretty much like new, and the VGUC diapers often just need a bit of sunning to return to brilliant white.
How Often Do You Restock?
  • Preloved typically restocks once a month. We will announce stockings on Facebook a few days in advance.
  • We do recommend shopping quickly, as quantities are extremely limited.
Other Important Information
  • All preloved item purchases are final.
  • Interested in listing your Peachys in our Preloved section? Please drop us a note via the 'contact us' tab^^
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